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3130 Load cell temperature

We have started logging the 3130 load cell temperature in order to potentially perform temperature compensation for the thermal drifts.

East - 2/2/2020 ~3:50pm

Center & West - 2/11/2020 ~3:15pm

LEO Center seepage leak test

Due to a higher than normal seepage flowrate to the LEO center seepage leak position flowmeters (Novalynx and PE102), we investigated the cause of this increase.

From inspection, we had found that seepage drain positions -2 and -1 were clogged due to the coarse soil material. Flowrates returned to normal once they were unclogged.

*The seepage -2 and -1 were previously unclogged.see Center Seepage clog

With this new knowledge, we performed the following tests on 2/6/2020 to see how the clogging the different seepage sections would affect the center seepage leak.

  1. with -2 plugged from 9:50am to 10:33am
  2. with -1 plugged from 1:35pm to 2:20pm

We can clearly see that if either seepage divider sections are the flowrate of the seepage leak flowmeter increases. This seems to indicate that there is a larger or additional leak at a higher point of the polypropylene divider plates.


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