Attempted repair of seepage basin leak

Last modified by Luke Pangle on 2022/05/05 19:52

On LEO-C there is a leak somewhere near the seepage trough near the y=0 coordinate.  The drip can be seen from the south side of the steel structure.  The exact source of the leak could not be determined.  Epoxy sealant was applied within the drainage basin immediately above the observed drip, in areas where there was standing water around the drainage hole.  This did not stop the leak.  The leak rate appears similar to, or greater, than the amount of water actually seeping from the gravel into the y=-1 portion of the seepage trough.  Based on that observation the leak may source from a location slightly upslope of the trough.  All seepage data on LEO-C prior to this time will be inaccurate because of this leak.  For the short term, we have placed two 208 L barrels under the drip locations, and will equip the barrels with HOBO water level loggers to monitor the leak rate, which will allow us to correct the time series of seepage from the landscape.

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