CSAT3 control box has been modified with an RS232 to RS422 transceiver to allow for a longer transmission line at 19.2 kbps
Using USConverters.com device, however, any comparable converter should work.

The CSAT3 has to be configured in the Unprompted mode with the synchronization code enabled due to RS422 not utilizing RTS/CTS or DTR/DSR.

CSAT3 is set to the following configuration with the corresponding commands:
rs 1 - AA55 synchronization code
br 1 - Baud rate 19.2 kbps
ri 1 - RTS independent
& - Unprompted mode
Ae - 60 Hz Execution Parameter/Acquisition rate.

Settings are saved to EEPROM by the 'sr2718' command. 
*Do note that a hardware jumper needs to be set in the electronics box. Refer to manual for details. 

The total output per measurement is 6 words including the 'AA55' sync code.

EOL by Campbell Sci is December 2026.

The default buffer size of the cRIO controllers is 4096 Bytes. Currently, the cRIO is programmed to read 720 Bytes or 60 measurements on the COM port. However, only the first measurement or first 12 Bytes is processed to update the shared variable every second. 

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