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Vaisala GMP222 (Manufacturers webpage)

GMM222 is discontinued and GMP222 would be the replacement.

Calculation Notes

Sensor Code:GMM222
Sensor:GMM222 from Vaisala Inc.
Measurement:CO2 Concentration (ppm)
Output 1:VoltsRange 1:0 to 2.5
Output 2:Concentration (ppm) = \frac{output1*k}{2.5}Range 2:0 to 5000, 0 to 7000 (depending on range)

k is either 5000ppm or 7000ppm

Wiring Diagram


Other Notes

Each GMM222 probe was covered with a micro-porous PTFE sleeve. The sleeve was attached to the cable, below the connector, using a cable tie and filled with Eucolastic sealant. This was to create a water tight boundary to protect the probe. A diagram of this is shown below:

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