Hukseflux HFP-1 (Manufacturers webpage)
Hukseflux HFP-1SC (Manufacturers webpage)

Calculation Notes

Sensor Code:HFP-1 & HFP-1SC
Sensor:HFP-1 & HFP-1SC from Hukseflux Inc.
Measurement:Heat flux (Watts / m2)
Output 1:VoltsRange 1:-0.1 to 0.1
Output 2:Flux (\frac{W}{m^2}) = output1 * \frac{1000000}{k}Range 2:-2000 to 2000

Each sensor has its own calibration coefficient (k), see database. k is nominally 50μV / W / m
SC version of this sensor has control for an internal heater

Wiring Diagram


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