LEO Irrigation Control Application

April 2016 - In an attempt to make the system more robust the software was significantly redesigned. The controller software is now based on the Simple Text Instruction Processor and no longer accepts injecting events into the queue. All automatic control event scheduling is done via sequential text instruction lists created & modified by the user.


This LabVIEW VI allows the user to open & close the valves for each irrigation circuit, as well as schedule valve events.

Mini LEO Irrigation Control Application

 Simple Text Instruction Processor 

Sample program for valve control

# Create alias (this sticks around even after the instruction list ends)
ALIAS LEO-E_MULTI1 BOOLEAN ni.var.psp://localhost/E_ValveCtrl/MULTI1

# Wait until May 1, 2015 at 4:30 AM
WAIT-UNTIL 20160501043000

# Open irrigation circuit LEO-E_Multi1
SET LEO-E_Multi1 true

# Wait 30 minutes
WAIT 1800

# Close irrigation circuit LEO-E_Multi1
SET LEO-E_Multi1 false
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