This device is designed to measure rainfall; However, we are currently using a number of these as flow meters capable of measuring very low flow rates.

NovalLynx 260-2501-a Rain Gauge Tipping Bucket (Manufacturers webpage)

Calculation Notes

Sensor Code:NovaLynx
Sensor:260-2501-A  from NovaLynx
Measurement:Volume of flow (Liters)
Output 1:Pulses (unit count)Range 1:0 to 60 (per minute)
Output 2:Volume (L) = {output1}*{k}Range 2:0 to ?

The rain gauge is designed to measure inches of rain at 0.01” per tip. When used as a flow meter, each tip corresponds to a specific volume of water. With an 8” input area this equates to 0.5024 cu. in. or 0.008237 liters of water.

k (rainfall) = 0.01”/tip,  k (volume) = 0.008237 liters/tip

The calibration parameter, k, is determined empirically.

Wiring Diagram


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