Soil Heat Flux and Storage

The soil heat flux at the surface is calculated by adding the measured flux at a fixed depth, d, to the energy stored in the layer above the heat flux plates
(Campell Scientific "Soil Heat Flux Plate" manual)

More info can be found in the HFP-1 manual on Campbell Scientific's website:

Calculation Notes

Sensor Code:SurfaceHeatFlux
Sensor:Computed data from 5TM, TCAV, and HFP-1/SC
Measurement:Heat flux (Watts / m2)
Output 1:Heat flux at surface for HFP-1 (Watts/m2)Range 1:-2000 to 2000
Output 2:Heat flux at surface for HFP-1SC (Watts/m2)Range 2:-2000 to 2000
Output 3:Average surface heat flux (Watts/m2)Range 3:-2000 to 2000

Moist soil heat capacity:  C_s (kJ/m^3/k) = \rho_b * C_d +  \rho_w * \theta_v * C_w

\rho_b = bulk density (For LEO this is  1570 kg/m3)
\rho_w = density of water (999 kg/m^3)
\theta_v = the volumetric water content (decimal 0.0 to 0.5)
Cd = heat capacity of dry soil (0.89 kJ/kg/K)
Cw = heat capacity of water (4.179 kJ/kg/K)

Storage term S (W/m^2) = (\Delta T_s * C_s * d) / t
\Delta T_s = change in soil temperature  
d = depth
t = output interval

Soil heat flux at the surface, G_{sfc} = G_{8cm} + S

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