VALWORX Electric Ball Valve (Manufacturers webpage)

Calculation Notes

Sensor Code:VALWORX
Sensor:VALWORX Ball Valve
Measurement:Valve state
Output 1:Valve StateRange 1:1, 0, -1, -9999

The valve contains two SPST-NO relays. One relay is used to indicate an open valve, and the other is used to indicate a closed valve.
The output logged to the database is determined by the table below.

Open RelayClosed RelayIndicated State 
0 (Low)0 (Low)0 (Unknown/Transition)
1 (High)0 (Low)1 (Open) 
0 (Low)1 (High) -1 (Closed)
1 (High)1 (High)-9999 (Inconsistent) 

Wiring Diagram


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