LabVIEW is the required software development suite for creating the specialized software applications used by the CompactRIO devices in the LEO. In addition, some applications are developed using Java.
All software projects are stored in Subversion repositories located on the Biosphere 2 file server ( \ \..\Engineering\SVN\ )

SharedVariableExportManager - (LabVIEW) Multi-threaded application which handles data export to CSV and current state file generation
Supervisor2014 - (LabVIEW) Monitors CompactRIOs and generates Current State Files for sensors.
Surface Heat Flux Calculator - (LabVIEW) Computes the heat flux at the soil surface using data from nearby 5TM, HFP-1/SC, and TCAV.
Irrigation Control - (LabVIEW) Controls valves in each bay and allows the creation of scheduled rain events.

DataLoader - (Java) Application that parses Measurement Files and inserts data into the database.

Simple Text Instruction Processor (Selector & Valve Control) - ASCII text instructions for automation of selector, valve, and process variable control

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