The ERT system is composed of 120 electrodes. They are arranged in 24 stacks of 5 electrodes. A diagram of the electrode stack is shown below.

Calculation Notes

There are no calculation notes for these sensors.

Wiring Diagram


Other Notes

The electrodes are connected via gold plated pins (Millmax, part # 3601-1-07-21-00-00-08-0) to 22 AWG (7/30 strand) tinned copper wire. The wire is part of a 5-conductor cable (AlphaWire, part # 1175C, rated at 300V) color coded as follows:

1 – Green – closest to surface
 2 – Orange
 3 – Red
 4 – White
 5 – Black – closest to deck

The cable is PVC jacketed. In order to counter any negative effects of PVC in the soil, the cable is sleeved in 5/16” Teflon tubing. This creates a physical barrier between the PVC jacket and the soil.  Pins are glued in place using DP190 or DP110 epoxy from 3M, joints are connected using DP190

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