Module 1 (NI-9401) 

  • 8 channel digital I/O set up as a pulse counter.
  • Used to monitor pulses from anemometers
  • Terminal block in the upper right provides power (through a resistor) to the anemometers.

Module 3 (NI-9205)

  • 16/32 channel +/-10V analog input
  • First 16 channels set up in +/-1V differential mode for the pyranometers and quantum sensors
  • Last 16 channels set up in +/-5V referenced single ended mode for the HMP45 temp/RH sensors
  • Common is tied to the 12VDC power supply negative terminal (for RSE channels)

Module 5 (NI-9213) 

  • 16 channel +/- 75mV differential analog input
  • First four channels measure light sensor signals
  • Channel 5 measures voltage of the PT100 thermistor
  • Common is tied to the shields and the 12VDC power supply negative terminal (for PT100)

0.5mA current source

  • Provides approximately constant 0.5mA current for the PT-100 thermistor
  • 0.5mA chosen to put the signal voltage within range of the NI-9213 AI module (approximately 50mV)

Anemometer terminal block

  • Provides 5VDC, through a resistor, to the anemometers
  • 5V chosen to match the TTL level of the NI-9401 DIO module
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