Data Acquisition Hardware

National Instruments hardware

Custom hardware and equipment

Instrument (data-logging & control) electrical panels

  • P01 - Monitors drainage, lower 1/3 heat flux plates & TCAVs, lower 1/2 CO2 probes, and lower 4 load cells
  • P02 - Monitors middle 1/3 heat flux plates & TCAVs, middle 2 load cells, and entire SDI-12 network.
  • P03 - Monitors upper 1/3 heat flux plates & TCAVs, upper 1/2 CO2 probes, upper 4 load cells, and sensors on upper two above ground masts.
  • P04 - Monitors sensors on the bottom three above ground masts.
  • Irrigation - Monitors inbound water flow and valve states, and controls electric valves.
  • GasSampling - Performs above ground gas sampling (using the LI-7000) for the hill slopes and controls soil gas valves.
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